About Us

About Us

Rancho Cordova in Action is brought to you by Leadership Rancho Cordova Class XIV. The program brings together organizations in need and provides opportunities for the community to give back. We aim to inspire community engagement and encourage a culture of volunteerism and giving. To accomplish this, we planned a Community Day of Service where the community can come together for a day of service.

In the midst of planning for the Community Day of Service, COVID-19 changed our path; especially given the local and regional impact. Class XIV pivoted to address the immediate needs of Rancho Cordova by providing resources to help in these uncertain times.

However, Leadership Rancho Cordova Class XIV remains committed to the Community Day of Service. We will plan for a time when the community can safely gather. Community Day of Service will be in collaboration with Interfaith Council. Interfaith Council coordinates resources in Rancho Cordova for people of all faiths. Please check back periodically for updates. In the interim, you can sign up for our newsletter!

Leadership Rancho Cordova is a Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce Foundation program. The program develops community leaders, activists, and visionaries. Graduates are advocates, dedicated to the future of Rancho Cordova. Leadership Rancho Cordova is supported by the City of Rancho Cordova and businesses in the community who provide speakers, sponsorships, and grants.


When Community becomes Unity.







Rancho Cordova in Action is dedicated to inspiring community engagement and enhancing the quality of life in Rancho Cordova by rallying our collective resources, time, and talents to unite our community, identify and address community needs, and encourage a culture of volunteerism and giving.


To provide a platform to inspire community engagement with Rancho Cordova’s diverse community members, encourage volunteerism and giving, and increase a sense of civic pride with future generations through a Community Day of Service. Our goal is to unite and engage passionate volunteers to help with projects in Rancho Cordova that will make a lasting, meaningful impact in the community.